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WARNING: SPOILER ALERT If you are a fan of the TV series, don't read this page!

Why The Middlekid?

We are building a universe of shared intellectual property for indies to use, share and repurpose for free.

The Middlekid is a TV series focused on stories, but we are building a world around it so that your stories have a connection, and your stories will have reputable and consistent help when you get stuck.

It’s time for indies to collaborate.

As long as your budget is less than $60,000 per episode, you can use our universe for free, and even add your stories to it for others to share.

What is The Middlekid?

The Middlekid is an open source TV series that is being produced and co-produced by the actors and crew instead of by big business or a sole filmmaker.

What is the logline of The Middlekid?

“The world is run entirely by gangs, and their most trusted middleman is a 9-year old girl.”

Who are the characters/groups of The Middlekid

  • Individuals
    • Hailey - the 9 year old girl, fence or middleman
    • Zane Atlas - 50s man who knows the identity of Hailey and offers confusing statements of advice or warnings to her.
    • Blaine “Blade” Coppola
    • Calvin Klein Tatum
    • Melissa - the caregiver for Hailey. She is a blood relative but not her mother, maybe an aunt. Melissa is a degenerate, an awful human. She does the bare minimum for Hailey. Nothing in order to provide a home, stability or support. Basically she is just a legal guardian to stick to an address, to keep Hailey out of foster care. She has a connection with Zane and he "handles" her and keeps her oblivious to Hailey's activities by providing her with an endless supply of drugs (possibly downers) and booze. The one thing that brings Melissa joy is her hobby of collecting porcelain dolls, she refers to them as her children.
    • Otto
    • Principal Clark - female, late 20's. Prim and proper durning the day, speed freak at night. She trades test scores to the pta for cash and pills. Has a closeted relationship with married, head pta mom.
    • Gym Coach - male gym coach. Creepy, stuck in his prime. Flirts with all of the underage girls and pta moms. Slings steroids and viagra to his male athletes and desperate housewives who slip the viagra into their hubbies drinks.
    • Holly - female, mid 20's, head of the pta, and ringleader of the criminal activity. She is a trophy wife and step mother of one of the students. She has a closeted relationship with the principal. The coach is obsessed with Holly.
    • Karen - female, late 30's, although nobody really knows her exact age. She is the mom with a plastered fake smile on her face all of the time. She is a gossiper and will stab someone in the back without regret. She joined the gang only to stay relevant with the other moms.
    • JoAnne - female, mid 30's. The crunchy mom. She is health obsessed, natural and organic. Obsessed with health and appearances. Husband is a doctor and she regularly steals his prescription pad and writes scripts and forges her husband's signature to supply the product to the pta.
    • Genya Mizen - female, early - mid 40's. Known at the "local hippie", she always smells of herbs and spices, though ever changing with each encounter. Only a few people know her true background, but the locals love to speculate in open rumor; which Genya finds amusing. The goth girls know her as a type of wise crown type of den mother, a source of information and a person they can bring their frantic thoughts to without judgement, and at times a drastic means to an end.
    • Big Dummy - male, mid 50's. A life long lackie criminal who is intelligence challenged and easily distracted. The mystery surrounding him is who he may be connected to, he should have been whacked years ago but his stupidity lives on somehow.

  • Organizations
    • Agenda 2030 - an international government police force dedicated to stamping out organized crime, but are basically just another organized criminal organization themselves
    • Goth Girl Gang - a woman-run gang that focuses on club drugs and escorts, among other illicit night time activities.
    • The Sisters - a group of religious women (nuns?) who violently control underground gambling, hidden by their faith's regular bingo nights.
    • Negative Fours - Indian/Pakistani/Middle Eastern convenience store owners and clerks who knowingly sell addicting junk food and cigarettes and beer to poor people. Cartel gang.
    • PTA - a group of pta members for the school that Hailey attends. The pta slings diet pills, steroids and other performance enhancing drugs to other parents as well as high school students. The male gym teacher/coach is in on it and promotes the use of steroids to his athletes. The principal is in on it as well and provides test scores to the pta to sell to other parents who want their children to succeed and get into the best colleges. Basically adults pushing unrealistic standards on high school students, to keep the popular kids, popular and thin and the athletes top performing.

How can I add characters/organizations?

Who can be involved in creating this series?


Everyone who is an actor will have the option to self manage their character (as a co-producer) or have it managed for them (as a dayplayer, managed by a co-producer).

Anyone who is on crew will be required to also have a character (they can be strictly background, tho).

There will be no generic background characters.

Only actors and crew who are co-producers can edit this Wiki or be writers of the series.

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Seasons / Episodes

  • Season 1
    • Episode 1/“Resting Bitch Face” (Pilot) — Hailey learns about criminal behavior by watching kids on the playground, and overhearing private teacher conversations.
    • Possible Episode: Yin/Yang — The Yakuza (or ninjas?) need to dispose of a mistake.
    • Possible Episode: Judgment of Solomon — two rival gangs both find the prize, and want to go to war over who gets it. Hailey decides.
    • Possible Episode: Den of Thieves - a religious group needs to launder money from the temple, and Hailey teaches a lesson to some gangs who try to usurp her power.
    • Possible Episode: Deliver Us from EvilHailey finds out that her drug channel is going through the Ice Cream Truck Man, and he’s hooking some of her older classmates on her product.
    • Possible Episode: For You Were Foreigners — An Agenda 2030 officer visits town, determined to take down a gang.
    • Possible Episode: Box of Chocolates — "Big Dummy" - A middle-aged low level courier is tasked with delivering Hailey a "gift" from a cartel leader which is a box of chocolates, not realizing the box contains smuggled diamonds, he makes the decision to give away the chocolates to a homeless man.