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Hailey as a character trope is considered “goddess-like” but without superpowers.

She’s neutral and doesn’t pick favorites, she provides judgment against those who violate her rules, and she’s got many followers who trust her even though they never see her and sometimes can’t even hear her voice.

Hailey's Description
Characteristic Description
Age Hailey is a 9-year old girl at the start of season 1.
Appearance She appears as a normal prepubescent nice girl next door. Brunette. Caucasian.
Role Outside of school, Hailey is a fence or a middleman who helps criminals and criminal organizations move stolen goods, drugs and even slaves and bodies for a big cut of the proceeds.
Mannerisms Hailey is well mannered and very balanced and "bland" in public. In private she’s viscous and judgmental and doesn’t give second chances or many warnings.
Secrets Most of the criminal underworld has no idea she’s the one running things. She’s able to keep her anonymity through using adults as her couriers.
Locations When she's working as the fence, she works out of Hailey's Office which is an apartment of business with a door that folks interact through, but never with her directly.
Relationships Melissa -- Hailey's caregiver

Zane Atlas —- Hailey’s balance, provides confusing commentary and insight to Hailey’s place of power, one of few characters who knows who she is.

Weird Hobby
Tarot Card High Priestess / Medusa / Goddess
Gang Affiliation Hailey has no affiliation with any gang.